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Monday, November 10, 2014


With the hanging cabinet project, I saved the hardest part for the end - the drawers. Because the base is bowed, the drawer construction takes on an added element of difficulty. In this episode, I tackle fitting and shaping the drawer fronts from a single piece of mahogany. In many ways, I assumed that by doing a smaller project like this would actually make construction easier. But in reality, the diminutive size can actually make things a bit tricker in some cases, such as the drawer fronts. But why would I want to make thing easy on myself?


pmelchman said...

Rob, from my vantage point, I saw that coming. We all have done that one time or an other. lol

patrick melchior
dragonfly woodworking

Danny said...

This is really professional setup you got there.. are you working out of your home?

Also, can you point me towards the right direction when it comes to glues for household woodworking tasks?


Rob Bois said...

Hi Danny. Yes, am working out of my home in my basement workshop. In terms of glue for general woodworking, Original Titebond is usually my go-to glue. For outdoor projects or longer open-time, I do keep Titebond III on hand as well. However, it costs quite a bit more and is actually not as ideal for faster-drying applications. Hope this helps!

Max said...

This looks unbelievable! You did a spectacular job! What an inspiration!