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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update on weeks 2 and 3

My apologies for the slow rollout of video, but I'm continuing to have problems with my editing software. I have about 45 minutes of footage to edit through at this point. So I'm ditching the old software, and trying a new application. If that doesn't work, it might just be time for a new laptop!

In any case, progress on the bench is coming along. All the lumber for the base is now dimensioned, and I'm actually getting good use of the laminated bench top on sawhorses. Aside from the massive amounts of lumber and subsequent sawdust that have amazed me, I have also almost completely kicked my 32 oz. bottle of TightBond. So before this weekend I will be off to Rockler to resupply.

But as of now, I've started gluing the two halves of the upper and lower stretchers. Also another good weekday part of the project (depending on how many clamps you have, you could do this all at once). By Saturday morning, I will be ready to start chopping some big old mortises and tenons in those stretchers. That's when the real fun (and real woodworking) begins. Hopefully I can get my video editing problems resolved, and get up weeks 2 and 3 shortly. My sponsor is starting to get impatient!

In the meantime, the above photo shows the current progress. You can see both finished top laminations, as well as a clampup of one upper stretcher (and its mate ready to go next). All the base components are under the bench or to the left. My improvisational but brilliant blue rolling pan is still going strong.

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