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Monday, December 1, 2008

Just checking in

Sorry for the gap in posts and video here. I do have two more weeks of video to edit, I've just been busy with the holidays starting. I also ran into a problem with the cut list in the magazine article that has set me back a bit (if you're building the bench, read this!). It turns out the length specified for the tool tray bottoms is an inch too short in the cut list (I verified this with the sketchup drawing). I had to modify my tool tray lengths because my bench is shorter in length (72") but I applied the same 2" differential between the sides and bottoms that the cut list describes. The difference should be only 1". So I had to re-mill my bottoms but was out of 4/4 stock. I ended up laminating QS pieces of 8/4 stock together, so in the end my box bottoms will mirror the bench top more so there is a silver lining here. But laminating all that stock and re-milling cost me a good two days on the project. But I still hope to finish up next weekend, and hopefully get caught up on video. I've talked to several people now who are planning to build this bench, so hopefully this blog will be a helpful resource for all of you.


TheYurtingYeti said...

Setbacks are always a pain! At least you were able to move forward with minimal net damage (material or emotional:)).

I've been watching your progress, and I was wondering, roughly how much is this bench going to cost? I'm very interested in it, but going through the cut list and comparing prices is a pain if in the end it's no where near my budget. I'd just like a rough ball park cost if you don't mind.

Great work so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of it!


doug said...

Keep on truckin man. This is coming along well. The video documentation and hard work is appreciated. Thanks.