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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weekend Eight

Well I finally got my new laptop, and video editing is a breeze now. So here is the week 8 video, which consists primarily of the construction of the front twin-screw vise and chop. I will try to edit and post weekend 9 as soon as I can (construction of the tool trays). Enjoy, and please leave your comments or questions, I'm happy to respond to them.


Jimmy "Handi" Warner said...

Rob: how do you slow down the Scrolling Text?

Also do you pay for Pro Services on Cause i noticed your vide has a better quality then what mine has.

What format do you convert your video to before you upload to or do you just send it in MP4 format?

Man questions, I add a few details to mine, then I convert it to Streaming Windows Media Video then upload to

Fill a Brother in on this lol, BTW, Love the Bench and the episodes, nice editing... Throw me some pointers here.

Doug said...

Nice installation. I am finally kicking off my bench this week. I have had some lumber acclimating for about a month, the vises are here, and I got the go ahead from the boss to put off the hutch while I build an appropriate bench. Thanks for kickin it up a notch.

Rob Bois said...

Handi, I post to blip in .wmv format - i find that has the best quality for the compression size. I use the standard free service. The text scrolling matches the duration of the text box - just make the text segment longer to slow it down.

Doug, glad to hear you're green-lighting the project. After all, you can't face joint a board on a hutch!

Handi said...

Cool, I uploaded all of my Videos from the Polar Bear Episodes in WMV and then the "Sled - Revisited" in MOV because I wanted to Reach out to iTunes also.

I think i may Convert to both so I can cover all of my Bases, just 2 formats.

I finally figured out how to get the Scrolling text to slow down ...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm getting ready to watch your new episode in a sec.