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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bible box project - week two

Week two is all about cutting the dovetails and completing the box sides. This project calls for hand cut dovetails, which always adds a degree of difficulty. But I use a special chopping block and backboard lined with sandpaper to help make chopping out the waste easier, and keeping my tails square front to back.


Anonymous said...

Rob, the wine cabinet came out great. Curious to know how you did the leather inlay.

Also can you repeat the first dovetail site you mentioned on this last video (I heard woodtreks but didn't catch the first one)
David (runningwood)

Rob Bois said...

David, I also referred to as the other site. It's a paid membership site, so you can only access the videos if you are a subscriber. But frankly I think the woodtreks one is better. That link is

As for the wine cabinet question, I cut a piece of 1/4" plywood, and rabbeted the underside to the thickness of the leather. I then wrapped the leather around the back, and glued the ends into the rabbet with contact cement. Then the whole panel just sits in the panel recess in the cabinet door (which I carefully measured the depth of, so the leather sits flush).

Larry said...

Looking good, I can't wait to see the inlay. I haven't tried it yet but it is something I have always wanted to try. Thanks!

Handi said...


Ol buddy, Ol pal of mine how goes it? lol.

hey, just tried to watch your 2nd Week Video, and I don't get anything, I have Cable internet "Broadband", but when I click play, it goes right to the end and dont' play.

Just figured I'd holler at you and let you know!


Rob Bois said...

Wow Handi, you're right. I'll have to troubleshoot that. Thanks for the heads-up.


Rob Bois said...

Should be working now. Something went wrong with, and the file was corrupt. Should be a new video posted this week too.

Handi said...


Sweet dude, I'll take a look at Week two in a little bit or tomorrow and see how the box is going.

Always love watchin ya make your videos and all, can't wait to see lots more of course when you got more time and all.