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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OK, nobody panic...

I decided I was getting bored with the old blog layout, so I'm doing a little housekeeping in here. The new design is a bit brighter, and hopefully makes it a bit more organized and helps to find things more easily. I am also adding project pages over on the right to make it easier for folks to find and view all the episodes from prior projects in one place. No more scrolling through the archives. As always, I'm open to your feedback on the changes as long as it's positive. OK, negative is helpful too, just remember how sensitive I am.

-The Management


Anonymous said...

Rob, I like the changes, as you said its brighter, easier to find things. Keep up the great work.

So know tell us why only six legs and not eight ?

David T

Anonymous said...

Nice update there! Project page are really an upgrade