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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Going against the grain

I got some great feedback on my link to the interview I did with  One question, coming in from Guy Bucey I though deserved more than just a written response.  Guy asked the big "Pottery Barn" question - how to deal with a customer that wants a piece with a "muddy" or glazed finish like you see in many of the mass produced furniture retailers.  I don't have the silver bullet answer, but I thought I could share my experiences as to what has worked for me in the past.


Keith July said...

Hi Rob,
Rock solid advice. As a custom furniture builder,I have faced the issues covered in your video, many many times. If I may add one point about a portfolio. A portfolio is a showcase of your work and does not have to include every piece that you have built.
Great video.

Rob Bois said...

Keith, I couldn't agree more. I think too often the portfolio is viewed as a resume, and not a showcase. One thing that I didn't bring up is the idea of having multiple portfolios. For example for residential versus business customers. This is a new concept for me, as I'm doing my first commercial work right now, but I definitely don't want to mix the two.

Guy said...


Thanks for doing the video, You explained alot and definatly answered my questions. Im feeling much more confident about talking to them and giving them there options. I never really thought about picking and choosing what to put into my portfolio. I will be much more aware of what im puting in there now. Thanks again Rob.