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Sunday, October 17, 2010

My sexy legs

The entire design of this writing desk centers around gentle but distinct curves.  The legs in this design are really a hybrid between a traditional tapered leg and a Queen Anne cabriole leg.  The result is a leg profile that accents the crescent front design of this writing desk, but can also be cut from a standard 8/4 piece of stock.  I was lucky enough to get a chunk of 8/4 walnut with good rift-sawn grain, saving me from having to do any finagling to get good leg blanks.  This episode really focuses in on my process for cutting these signature legs, and the type of profile I use to make the process fairly easy and fool proof (even for me).

Windows Media Version (right click to download)
QuickTime Version (right click to download)


Shannon said...

Turn those templates into a lamp and I'll give you a major award!! Nice episode Rob, love this desk, so simple and clean in appearance. Reminds me of that Providence piece Mario Rodriguez built a while back.

Rob Bois said...

Great Christmas Story reference!