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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The fitting room

This is really part two of creating the book matched curved drawer fronts.  I'm learning quickly that the curved drawers are by far the most challenging aspect of this project, so there is quite a bit of detail in this episode just in aligning and sizing the fronts to fit the recess in the carcass.  Since the fronts are book matched, it was critical to align the grain patterns to meet in the middle.  Getting the angles on the crosscuts is also key to getting the drawer sides to align parallel to the casework - I'll show you the trick I used to take math and measuring out of the equation.


Walt's Wood's said...

Thanks Rob always a great video. I always learn a lot.

Bruce Somers said...

Another excellent production and tutorial on your process. I'm really enjoying following your progress on this writing desk.

Rob Bois said...

Thanks Bruce. I'm really enjoying MAKING some progress LOL. BTW, don't think I have forgotten about your question about tying in the backs of the front rails to the carcass. I'll show that in two more episodes when I build the web frame for the drawers.