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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taking sides

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I'm on vacation in the Caribbean right now.  However, I was diligent enough to edit and upload this next episode before I left, so I'm just sitting here on my deck looking out over the Caribbean at St. John - just a stunning view.  As much as I love working in the shop, I'll take this view any day of the week!  But on to the project at hand...

The real point of focus for this step stool project is the curvy sides, so getting the template transferred to the cherry stock, and then shaping the sides is a critical element to the process.  In this episode, I use a combination of jigsaw, band saw, router, and spindle sander to shape and match the two sides.  Since much of the curviest parts of the sides are actually end grain, I took some very specific cautions at both the band saw and router to make sure I didn’t tear out any grain.  Both sides were cut from a single 12/4 piece of cherry, so any mistakes made here would mean starting over from scratch – an expensive prospect. 

Right click to download the HD version of this video

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