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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A game of recovery

You might recall that I’m building this entire live-edge hall table completely on the fly. This all started with the live-edge top dictating the exact size and shape of the carcass. While this project seemed simple enough, having no drawings, model, or even sketch started to become a limitation. I started to make some fairly dumb mistakes that I would have easily avoided by looking at a 3D model or even a sketch. But woodworking is a game of recovery and agility, and fortunately I didn’t screw anything up so badly that I had to start over. I retrospect, deciding to introduce drawers into the plan this late in the game probably didn’t set me up for success!

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rburwell said...

Rob- its looking great! Interested to see how you handle the finish....Rusty

Rob Bois said...

That's good Rusty. I think the finish is the only part of this build I didn't screw up in some way!

rburwell said...

As long as I'm learning from your mistakes, at least one of us is happy!

Anonymous said...

how will you support the drawer along its length or back ?


Rob Bois said...

Since the drawer cavity is in the side of the table, it's not practical to build runners and kickers. I'd have to build something in the back to join them into. Instead, I used grooves on the drawer sides that ride on runners build into the drawer cavity. That will get covered in detail in episode 9.