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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Don't get your drawers in a bunch

I have to admit, in the last episode I think I made more mistakes in a few steps than I've ever made in a full project before. Improvising on a piece of furniture isn't always the best approach. So in this installment, I made a real effort to do whatever I could to eliminate mistakes.

Because the drawers for this table go into the sides, rather than the front, there's a lot less structure to build runners and kickers into. Normally you have the back to anchor the guts of the drawer guides. So in this case, I had to fit drawer guides into the front and back aprons. And then manage to get the false drawer fronts in place. 

I didn't expect this part of the project to be particularly challenging. I was in for a bit of a surprise.

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Anonymous said...

Rob- lookin' good! The drawer doesn't need support underneath? Rusty

Rob Bois said...

Nope. The guides on the sides are all the support they need. Keep in mind these are fairly small drawers that don't weigh much.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this video! Such great tips and posts. My new shop work boots keep me in there working for hours. Thanks for sharing