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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A photo finish

I think I made this project far more complicated than it needed to be. But despite my mistakes and design changes, I think I actually ended up with something at least presentable in the end. I built this piece from the beginning to show at The Furniture Project, which Eli Cleveland and crew put on every year to promote hand crafted furniture to the public. Hopefully I did the show (and an unsuspecting walnut tree) proud.

Sadly, this marks the end of this project, but have a few concepts already in mind for the next one. In the meantime, I'm thinking a proper shop tour is long overdue, and it might be the perfect intermission to the next big thing.

 Right click to download the HD version of this video


rburwell said...

Rob- nicely done! Went to Nakashima's shop last month...makes you want to be a wood hoarder (and get a bigger barn)....Rusty

Matt Pec said...

Great looking final table!! I made a coffee table with the matching cut but didn't come out nearly as stunning as your table. Now you're ready for the next awesome live edge piece! :-) Awesome job and thanks for all the details, esp. in the finishing process. Very helpful.

Jay said...

Rob are you going to blog again soon. I really enjoy your site and would love to see some more of your work.

Wood Nut said...

Wondering what happened to the podcasts so I come here. You have not blogged for a whole...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your posts and miss them.

Hope everything is OK with you !

Greeting from Sâo Paulo, Brazil.


Rob Bois said...

Sorry for the lack of new content guys. I had intended to just take a few months off during the busy summer months, but work travel has picked up again leaving me with very little shop time. I'm hoping to start a new project some time next month, with content to follow shortly after that. I just hope I can find my shop ;)

pmelchman said...


completely understand...I just "turned on" a new project at work myself and I am ready to hit the shop...

patrick melchior
dragonfly woodworking (FB)

Shed Planner said...

Very good idea and nice topic about woodworking.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading the many blogs and websites that share my passion for handcrafting wood into decorative and useful items. Building things from wood is has been a lifelong obsession and I always enjoy looking other peoples work.
From: A Fellow Woodworker

Tom McLaughlin said...

Hey Rob,
Stumbled on your video of the live edge walnut top hall table…I think I remember seeing it, or something like it, you made for the Furniture Project show last year? Very nice work!! I certainly can relate to the feeling of being too busy working to take time to video new content.
By the way, I am impressed with the quality of your video and sound…what are you using for that these days? Hope to see you around sometime soon.
Tom @

Rob Bois said...

Tom, that is indeed the same piece you saw last year. As for audio/video, one of the reasons I've taken some time off is to revamp a bit. So I'm jumping up to a Canon XA20 video recorder so I can take advantage of all XLR microphones. I use mostly a Samson wireless lav mic for shop recordings, but have a few other wired condenser mics for different environments. I'm also learning Adobe Premier Pro right now for all my editing, which has been a bit of a learning curve.

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