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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Week 4 in the bag

I spent almost 10 hours either in the air or in airports on my flight home this week, so I had plenty of time to get caught up on editing. So I also had time to get a little creative and add some humor this week. In any case, week 4 is all about chopping mortises and cutting tenons. And we have a new sponsor this week. I'm now all caught up on footage. This weekend I will be fitting the tenons and hopefully gluing up the side structures, and if I'm lucky I might even get started on the dovetails for the stretchers. I have a family commitment on Saturday, so I only have one day of shop time this weekend, but will see how far I can get. I also received all my vise hardware this week, so I'm happy to report that the materials have all been procured now. I'm starting to feel like there will actually be an end to this project at some point!


Vince said...

Nice Video Thanks for the show...... Great saw by the way,,,,,it must be nice

Rob Bois said...

Funny, my wife doesn't thing the saw is so great. But at least it makes less noise than the miter saw!

Michael said...


Thanks for the videos of your workbench build. This mortise and tenon episode really lays out the process well so I can follow along when I cut mine.