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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When all you have is a hammer...

OK, thus far I have really dedicated this blog to woodworking projects, techniques, and even some woodworking "philosophy". I have thus far refrained from any real industry commentary or tool reviews. But I can resist no longer. I know the economy is bad, and the tool manufacturers are playing it close to the vest this year, so how can you explain what Sears/Craftsman has just come out with? They call it the NEXTEC Auto Hammer, which as far as I can tell is just a lithium-ion battery guessed it....hammer. The good old hammer has done its job dutifully for ages, but Craftsman's engineers are obviously smarter than thousands of years of woodworkers. Sure, the pneumatic nail gun has taken its place any time speed and production quality are required, but the nail gun has a very distinct advantage - it is FASTER than a hammer. The NEXTEC (at least according to Popular Mechanics) can't even make that claim. As far as I can tell, it's just slightly less dangerous (if you hit your thumb a lot), and can get into cramped or dark spaces where a hammer can be a challenge. But it takes about three times as long to drive a nail, and doesn't seem to solve any market problem that I can see. I think this is a sign that the manufacturers have completely ran out of ideas for cordless tools. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to head to the home store to look for a cordless paint can opener.


Victor said...

What is it Rob, an electric palm nailer? I can't begin to say how much I LOVE my Bostitch palm nailer.
That thing is awesome!! Tight corners? No problem!

Rob Bois said...

I think a palm nailer would be my weapon of choice if I ever decided to become a super hero.