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Monday, January 4, 2010

New year, new shop

Well it was a long week off, but I managed to get the new shop space finished up. I shopped short of painting the walls (I'm not that vain) but I got the walls and ceiling finished, and got all the joint compound finally out from under my fingernails. The jointer is all set up, and a test run on a piece of cherry was a rousing success. Next up, I'll need to build a torsion box assembly table, and probably build a few more cabinets and counter for a sharpening station, and maybe even add more dust collection ducting to move the bandsaw to the new area as well. Alas, I'm back in the office this week so I won't really get to really take the space for a test drive until next weekend. But after this "vacation" I don't really mind sitting at my desk for 5 days!


Torch02 said...

I wouldn't consider it vain to paint the walls. I'd actually think about painting it some kind of bright/reflective white to help illuminate the shop.

Ryan said...

Looking good. I'd probably paint that room myself. Probably not white like Torch02 said, but something to take some of the edge off of fluorescent lighting. Two colors come to mind - Timeless Taupe or Summer Suede. I painted my shop the Timeless Taupe, and we have Summer Suede in one of our living areas.

Congrats on the new jointer!

Mike said...

Rob - very exciting to be getting your new space setup, that's awesome. I finished my torsion box assembly table recently and already love it! I followed TheWoodWhisperer's videos and added a couple of vids of my own on the construction. Still under construction itself, but you can find my progress at

Rob Bois said...

I'm done with the torsion box top now, and need to really jam on building the base cabinet this coming weekend. Thanks for the link Mike, I'm more inspired now (although I don't see much cherry in the plans for my table).