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Friday, February 26, 2010

Week two of cherry jewelry box

Week two focuses on the design elements of the box, as well as some hand tool techniques. I really like the new column in Popular Woodworking called Design Matters by George Walker.  I have also purchased and watched George's new DVD on the same topic.  This inspired me to talk a bit more in this episode about the considerations I make when considering design elements, since I subscribe to George's philosophy that there are rules that can make projects better - not specific to individual taste - but in general balance and proportions. Stay tuned, I have quite a bit content still in the hopper on this project!


Vic Hubbard said...

A bit anal? Really? I've never even noticed. :)

Anonymous said...

Found your site through the Wood Whisperer and I'm enjoying your videos. Very informative and I enjoy watching the process. However, I had to kind of chuckle when, in this video, you said "I'm a tails first kind of guy" regarding cutting the dovetails. In your "Bible Box Project - Week 2" video you said "I'm a pins first kind of guy!"

Rob Bois said...

Congratulations Anonymous, you were the first person to pick that inconsistency out. I was wondering if anyone would notice that. I tend to flip flop, and frankly haven't found any big advantage to pins versus tails first. In fact, if I were to do the jewelry box over again I would probably do pins first, just because the pins were so narrow on that project it was difficult getting my marking knife in between the tails to transfer to the pin board. So I think I'm a pins first guy again. I should be a politician LOL.