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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Episode two of the shaker table build

This next video blog post concentrates on the cutting of the half-blind dovetails that make up the upper drawer divider.  The use of half-blind dovetails in the upper assembly is a classic shaker design element, and creates an incredibly strong joint for the span between the tops of the two front legs.  I actually cut these joints largely using hand tools in almost every build (just wait until you see my next project).  So this step in my hand tool build wasn't much of a departure from normal.

As an aside, I have also decided to limit this blog series to just three or four episodes, focusing only on the key hand tool elements of the project.  In the "real world" I have already moved on to my next project, which has some really great material on design considerations, and I want to start getting that content out as soon as I can.  So expect one more episode on cutting the leg tapers, as well as a fun little comparison between this latest table and one that I made very early on in my woodworking career (this was a bit hard for me to bring myself to do).  As always, enjoy and I welcome your emails and comments.

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