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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Circling the wagons

Sorry, I couldn't help but keep the bad puns going in the titles on this build, I was on too good of a roll to stop now.  This is not just the last episode of the round pedestal series, this is also the last episode using my old video production setup.  In fact, this commission actually funded all new video and production equipment for the blog production crew, so hopefully this will bring the podcast to a new level of quality.  There's a whole new opening and theme song to look forward to, and I will also be offing HD downloads going forward, so don't miss the funky tool chest coming up next.

For this stage of the pedestal project I came in guns blazing - nail guns and spray guns that is.  With a commission like this repeatability and efficiency are key, so I fine tuned my construction and finishing methods to speed up the process.  I found that the Rockler HVLP can be a very cost effective way of bringing spraying to almost any shop.  I also used a combination of brad and pin nailers to form the frame that will support the weight of a person on top of these stands - a quick but effective means of accomplishing the task at hand.  Plus, the upcoming tool chest is going to rely heavily on hand tools, so I needed to get the air-power artillery out of my system.  With that, a few links to include on this episodes show notes:

Rocker HVLP sprayer
How I turned maple into mahogany

Right click to download a high resolution version.


Rob said...

I too bought the Rockler version of this HVLP about a year ago. But then i noticed that HF also has a version that looks the same.

Anyways, what a great little tool.

Bruce Somers said...

Hey Rob.. Nice little vignette. Always enjoy your presentations.

Rob Bois said...

Thanks Bruce. I pretty much do this whole blog just for you :)

Bruce Somers said...

LOL,, That leads me to the conclusion that you definitely need to raise the standards of your chosen audience. None the less, I will continue to admire your talents.

dtaragin said...

Rob, I too enjoy your videos, is is okay with Bruce if I watch ?

nice job, always a great compliment when wife says it looks "professional"
I once got a compliment - "that looks high end" well what did you expect ?


Rob Bois said...

Thanks RW. It's funny, I did take my wife's complement as somewhat back-handed. I mean, it was nice that she said the finished product looked professional, but I was also building these as a commission to a commercial client. I hope they look professional!

Bruce Somers said...


I signed a release document with Rob allowing him to share his video productions in the public domain. As such, you are free to view... LOL.

Rich said...


Enjoyed the video as always. I was wondering how you like your Delta benchtop planer. I am looking into buying my first planer and was looking at the Dewalt 735 but am concerned about short life of the knives a lot of reviews have noted. Given that the Delta is roughly in the same price point I am leaning towards going with it. Do the knives hold up well?

Thanks again for the content. Always looking forward to the next post.


Rob Bois said...

Rich, I saw many of those same reviews about the blade life on the Dewalt, and that's the primary reason I went with the Delta. If it puts things into perspective, I've yet to change the blades on the Delta and I've had it for probably over two years now and run hundreds (if not thousands) of board feet through it. I haven't noticed any real quality in the surfacing due to the two knives versus the three knives on the Dewalt. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...


Just curious what you used for a "lazy susan" on which to rotate the piece you were finishing--any recommendations there?

Rob Bois said...

All I used was a round piece of plywood which was actually the cutout from the top or bottom of my bending form. Nothing high tech at all.

rolling tool chest said...

great vignette. Love your presentations.

Rob Bois said...

Thanks for the comment, much appreciated.