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Friday, September 17, 2010

Faux Show

This summer I had to take a break during the construction of the cherry sideboard to take on a commission to build some pedestals for a bridal shop. The project consisted of six step-up platforms for clients to stand on while getting fitted for their dresses. The shop owner wanted the tops to be hardwood, and to match the antique mahogany colored flooring she just had installed. While real mahogany would have looked great, it simply wasn't practical for this application. So I went with hard maple for durability. But how could I make it match the flooring? I drew upon my experience in making an antique finish for mahogany, and ended up with a result that I was very happy with. This video goes through my finish schedule in detail - bringing mahogany to the masses!

Download the high resolution version here.


Bruce said...


You've made another high quality and informative presentation. The finish looks great. I'm sure your customer was quite happy.

Rob said...

By the way, your link for the HD version doesn't work. Great video!

Rob Bois said...

Thanks for the heads-up Rob. The link has been fixed and is now working.

Derek said...

Great video! I think that turned out really well, and I'm sure it looks even better in person. I recall a post of yours from a while back where you talked about outsourcing finishing work. Did you reach any epiphanies with the finishing process that changed your mind?

Also, I can't help thinking of the movie Superbad when I read the title. Not sure if that's what you were going for, but I keep thinking "I'm gettin' that fo sho!".

Rob Bois said...

Thanks Derek. First, I'm very glad someone got the double entendre of faux show, I was worried that was lost on everyone. As for finishing, if there were a finish shop near me that with a proper spray booth, good finishing skills, and reasonable prices I probably would outsource. Unfortunately I have not found any such thing in my area. Finishing still isn't my favorite part of woodworking, but it's such a key to the final product I've at least made an effort now to advance my skills in that area.