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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Tortoise and the Rabbet

While things have heated up outside, it's been nice and cool in my shop.  I'm making good progress on the tool chest project, but I found that in my excitement to get the case glued up and the drawers started, I sort of forgot there is a TON of work in the web frames for a chest of drawers.  Add in the extra complexity of the stepped front of this design, and I was way off on the amount of work I had in store.  I totally understand now why most chests of drawers have a flat front - I'd guess the stepped front has added at least an extra 30% of work to the project.

This episode almost didn't happen.  I was ready to start cutting the dados and sockets for my sliding dovetails for the drawer dividers until I realized I needed to rabbet in the recess for the case back.  I'm planning to use 1/2" thick ship-lapped boards in the back, and without the rabbet I would have put myself in a real bind.  So fortunately I realized my mistake in time.  

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Bruce Somers said...


Another informative post. Good job. I'm looking forward to see how you do the ship lap back. Make sure you leave enough overlap for expansion and contraction.