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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A woodworker's workout

The long awaited glue-up.  I'm not going to lie, this was one of the more complicated and challenging glue-ups I've done so far.  But while this chest does have a ton of funky glue joints, I was able to sort of reverse engineer the steps to really break the process down into smaller components.  This way the process wasn't quite the mad dash you might expect.  That being said, the whole process probably took me half a day and about three cups of coffee, largely because I repeatedly had to let some glue joints set before I had room to clamp the next assembly.  But in the end, this is one rock solid carcass.  Now I couldn't go through every single detail of each joint, so if you do have questions about any of the steps in the process I'll be happy to answer them in the comments section.  Just don't blink, you might miss something.

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Vic Hubbard said...

Excellent!! That was quite the insane glue up. I'm glad all went well. I've got cargo shorts, but no cargo pants. I guess it's time to go shopping. After this, you should be able to win something at next year's Hand Tool Olympics. Maybe a large tenon saw? That'd be cool, huh?!

Mark Rhodes said...

Coming along nicely Rob, will you be spending much time on the interiors of the drawer, for tool layout? I've always fancied making a tool chest myself, but have never got round to it, well thats a lie I did make a site tool box that came from a book by Jim Tolpin, sort of arts and crafts inspired. Anyway looking forward to the next video, thanks for documenting this build.

Rob Bois said...

I should probably clarify that cargo shorts and cargo pants are equally important (I prefer to let the season dictate). As for Mark's question about the interiors of the drawers, I will definitely do something there. I do want some dividers, but I also don't want to lock the design into custom compartments, as I find my needs always change over time. For example, the tenon saw Vic referenced has no home in my hanging tool cabinet.

Bruce Somers said...


Got to admit.. you really demonstrated your "Stick to it" attitude with that complex and lengthy glue up. One question: What brand of Cargo Pants?

Jon Stinson said...

I don't know if it's the cargo shorts or the belt that's 20" too long that's giving you your edge ;)

Looks great though either way.

Chris Adkins said...

Wow..tough glue up but a great job! That can be a stressful time in a project if things don't go right.

Looking forward to seeing the finished cabinet.