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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bracketology - Part II

As promised, here is part II of the construction of the bracket feet.  This episode covers the coving of the profile for the feet using a combination of power and hand tools, as well as an unlikely jig.  These are smaller feet than you’d see on a full sized chest of drawers, which actually created a little bit of a challenge for mounting to the case.  I’m really coming down the home stretch on this project, as the feet are really the last bit of construction (save for the back). 

Right click to download the HD version of this video.


pmelchman said...


Fantastic job .....keep up the great work.

best regards,


Eric said...

Nice tip on using the box to keep your piece square for cutting, thanks!

Walt's Wood's said...

Nice job Rob. Making those feet with the bandsaw was the way to go for those size feet.

Vic Hubbard said...

I'm really liking that little chest of drawers. The complexity of build is worth the outcome!! Good job, Rob!

PickeringMike said...

Very cool method to make the bracket feet. Looking forward to the next episode and the final firstnish.