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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coming together

In this episode, I really make some strides in my screen door project. All the care I put into material selection and milling really paid off when it came time to actually cut all my joinery and glue up the frame. Any warp, twist, or bow would have created some real challenges when cutting the rabbets and mortises at this stage. While the glue-up itself was a bit challenging, I found a way to use my bench limit the potential for problems.  Up next, I'll pre-finish the door and install the screen.

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Vic Hubbard said...

That's a beefy screen door! I need to make one or two this next year, too. An XL700 is definitely on my "to buy" list.

William said...

Hey Rob enjoyed the video as always. I noticed in the background when you were at the miter saw, that you have what looked like a Jet drum sander. If that's the case what do you think of it? Not sure that I've seen you use it in any videos. I have one and I'm not sure what to think about it, I want to like it(I better it was about $1,000!) I just feel like it is very slow, and I seem to always get ripples and bumps where the sandsmart kicks in and pauses the belt. Just wondering what your thoughts are thanks.

Rob Bois said...

William, I do indeed have the Jet 16/32 drum sander. I don't put it in too many videos since it's not terribly engaging to watch. But it does have its place in my shop. Any kind of veneers or thin strips, or wide glue-ups that won't fit through my planer. I've found it to be a bit fussy, but if you go through the grits properly, use slower feed settings, and take only small sandings you can still get good results. Granted, even at 220 grit, I still have to go back with my ROS at about 150 grit to remove the scratch marks, but for many operations its really the only tool I can use - especially if I'm getting tearout with hand planes.

William said...

Well that's good to hear, I guess I will have to spend some more time with it. Thanks!

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