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Friday, November 9, 2012

You say molding, I say moulding

In almost every project I do, I usually feel like I'm coming down the home stretch only to realize that there are a whole bunch of small steps left. Each individual step is a fairly straightforward process but when put together, there's actually more work left than I'd really anticipated. This screen door project was no different. I had the door glued up and seemingly almost done, but the little details like chamfering the edges, cutting the hinge mortises, milling the mouldings, and applying the finish really added up. I also needed to apply at least four coats of finish since this is an outodoor project, which also added a good week of time to the build.

All that being said, its the small things that can really make or break a project. This is the point where it's so tempting to cut a few corners here and there, but usually where you can separate a good project from a great project in the final outcome. After the finish cures, I'll finally be ready to fit in the screening and hang my door and be happy knowing I did all the little things right.

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Anonymous said...

I tried Minwax Polycrylic as an alternative to oil-based for the same reason you cite in the video, but I found it a pain in the ass to brush. I haven't used it since. How have you found the General Finishes product and do you have any tips for brushing water-based? Thanks for the nice videos.


Rob Bois said...

Dan, I have not tried the Minwax Polycrylic so I can't compare the two directly. But I can tell you I had no problem brushing the GF product. It's a fairly thin consistency so it brushes on easily, and because it's water based it doesn't leave any lap marks. I just needed to be careful of any drips in the corners but I actually found it much easier to apply than an oil-based varnish due to the consistency.

Anonymous said...

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