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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An Open and Shut Project

With the finish applied, I found that putting the final touches on my custom screen door project went very smoothly. I used to paint houses to help pay my way through college, and I remember vividly how challenging it was to cut in around screen doors. Especially ones like my project with lots of panes of screen. So I really appreciated being able to tack in the screening and the moldings post-finish. It was really satisfying to get this door hung, although now that it's getting late in the fall I won't really get to make full use of it until next Spring. But I can at least rest assured this door will survive the New England winters a lot better than my old Home Depot door!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice job.

John Fitz said...

Hi Rob - Very nice job, the door came out beautifully. I'm curious as to when and how you fit the door to the opening. Was it when you lined up the hinge location, or right before you applied the finish? I'll be curious to see how satisfied you are with the performance of the GF 450 after a few seasons.

Rob Bois said...

Thanks John. I sized the door to the opening before I even started cutting the joinery. I really thought I was going to have to do some planing or even break out the track saw to do the final fit, but by some miracle it fit on the first try. I did lay out the hinge mortises by placing the door in the frame before finishing. And I'm hoping the finish holds up well too - I really don't want to have to refinish that door with the screening in at any point in the near future!

woodworking project plans said...

Very good work here, Really like that door I think your very an amazing job Rob. :)