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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting to the bottom of this - week 3 of the bible box

The third weekend was all about making the box bottom and legs. This is a main area I deviated from the Popular Woodworking plans. I used stub tapered feet with square through mortises, instead of turned feet and round mortises. I also chose a secondary wood for the box bottom (maple instead of walnut) giving the inside of the box a bit more character.


Torch02 said...

When you were showing the shoulder cut you made in the blank for the feet, my first thought was to cut two tenons right then and there. Whether a router or a dado blade you could make the cut double the width, thus cutting the tenon for two of the feet at once. The trade off is this would make cutting the taper for the second foot a little more difficult. Not sure which would be easier, but its another idea.

Handi said...


Not bad so far.

I'm gonna have to go out on a Limb here and say that the Feet to me look a tad over sized, but of course, The project isn't finished yet.

So that could be another thing, So hoping to See the last part or the next few videos soon!

So far so good thou!


Rob Bois said...

A few comments to respond to here. First, Torch02 you are correct, there is rarely a single way to perform any woodworking operation. I chose to cut the legs off opposite ends of the blank to I would have a single long blank to work with for cutting each taper. Plus, after cutting the first taper, I would have an odd angle to clamp for cutting the second taper. And Handi, I basically used the same dimensions as the PWW design had for the turned feet. However, since I shortened my overall box dimensions, I maybe should have taken that into account. That being said, the box is done at present, and I'm not unhappy with the proportions of the feet to box. So stay tuned.....