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Monday, November 30, 2009

Chaos in the shop!

I made mention at the end of the Bible Box project that I didn't know what my next project was going to be. Well, that issue has just resolved itself. After the last few projects it has become very evident that a 6" wide jointer is proving a bit inadequate for my needs. Most of the stock I buy is between 6" and 8" wide, so face jointing has required a lot of elbow grease with hand tools. Unfortunately, the shop as currently sized will simply not accommodate a bigger jointer. So...after a little pleading and cajoling I convinced my wife to give me another 250 square feet of basement space. The next month or so will be spent readying that part of the basement for a stock dimensioning and finish/assembly area. I'm not recording video in the same depth or production as a woodworking project, but I will post interesting highlights of the project along the way. The first step is to clean out the area, and remove the existing ceiling before wiring for electrical. This mess pains me to watch, but I'm sure some folks out there will enjoy it.


Handi said...


Your Basement Looks Way better then mine! lol


christopher.stevenson said...


I have really enjoyed your blog. Especially your segments on building your bench. I live in Mass also and I am trying to find a source of wood to build my own bench. Would you mind sharing your source for wood?

Thank you,


Rob Bois said...

Chris, I use a number of hardwood dealers depending on what I need and how soon I need it. Most recently I've been making trips up to Highland Hardwoods in NH ( For larger orders I can save a bundle of money and of course skip the sales tax. If I want a slightly better selection and don't want to travel as far I use Downes & Reader in Stoughton, MA ( I have also used Andersen McQuaid in Cambridge (due to it's proximity) but the selection is limited and the prices are fairly steep ( I hope that helps!