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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet pad

The note pad holder is now complete.  I hadn’t planned to spend much time focusing on the stringing, but the process was different enough from the stringing on the recent writing desk project that I thought it deserved some attention.  In a smaller project like this, the attention to detail is definitely even more important, so I really spent some time dialing in the miters where the stringing joins at the corners.  I’m very pleased with the results, and I think the pad holder will really add some nice marketing flair when I display the desk at the upcoming Wood Expo.  If you’re in the Boston area February 24-27, come on down and see the writing desk and accessories in person!  Up next – the pen holder.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Rob. I've really enjoyed all the writing desk episodes.

Anonymous said...

Another great episode and product Rob, cant wait to see it at the show!! One question I do have for you is about the inlay tool that removes the waste for the grooves, does it stay sharp or do you feel that you will need to sharpen it pretty soon?


Rob Bois said...

Thanks Guy. The inlay tool does in fact need to be sharpened periodically. LN does have a video that demonstrates how this works, but it's done with a file. I've yet to sharpen mine, and from what I've heard it doesn't need to be sharpened very often. There are three teeth, two offset to the left and one to the right, and as long as the outside edges remain sharp, you keep a nice crisp edge on the inlay channel. The bottom of the teeth are less important, as they are just hogging out the waste.

bakins said...

Wonderful accessory to a beautiful project. I must try inlay sometime, it really pops a project. Are you going to put any rubber or cork feet under the paper holder so not to scratch that gorgeous writing desk?

Rob Bois said...

I am going to line the bottom with adhesive felt. My original plan was to use some small brass feet with felt, but the corners aren't completely coplanar (due to some overly zealous use of the random orbit sander on the bottom).

Bruce S. said...


Another great tutorial. I look forward to seeing it all next week at the NEHS/WoodExpo. Your work should exhibit well. Good luck.